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Auto Collision Repair. Family Owned, Fine Tuned.

Auto Collision Repair. Family Owned, Fine Tuned.

Auto Collision Repair. Family Owned, Fine Tuned.Auto Collision Repair. Family Owned, Fine Tuned.Auto Collision Repair. Family Owned, Fine Tuned.

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We are taking all necessary precautions for your safety and to help keep our employees safe, while still allowing the Rusk Bros. team to remain operational through this COVID-19 pandemic and providing the same level of customer service you’ve come to expect from our dedicated team.  We are maintaining our normal business hours of operation and our team will be available to help solve any issues and answer any questions.  

Rusk Bros Body Shop

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As an essential business we are open during our regular business hours to serve you 

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5:30pm

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Repair Estimates

What if the insurance company writes their own estimate?


If an insurance company is paying for your repairs then there is a pretty good chance that one of their damage appraisers or adjusters will look at your car and write an estimate of their own. Today, many companies will have you take a few pictures and upload so they can write an  estimate.  No, it may not be complete, but it is a starting point.   We will honor most insurance estimates and can use them as the basis to begin your repair work. If the insurance company left anything off of their estimate or if we uncover any hidden damage then we will contact the adjuster and see that all necessary parts and procedures are approved and covered as part of the claim. Rusk Bros. Body Shop will always look out for your best interest when dealing with insurance companies. YOU are our customer. The insurance company just happens to be the one paying the bill.


The truth about collision repair estimates: 

Most people want an estimate because they want to know how much the repairs are going to cost.   If the damage is minor and is only on the surface then an estimate may be simple, but often that is not the case. Parts in many cases,  must first be removed before anyone can say with certainty what all is damaged and what it will cost to repair everything.  While price definitely matters, if you choose a shop that you feel is knowledgeable and trustworthy you will probably come out best in the end.  You need to be comfortable with the shop repairing your car.  You and only you must decide where to have your car repaired.   Remember that the choice of shop is completely up to you, and not the insurance company or person responsible for the damages. Whether the insurance carrier recommends Rusk Bros. to you or not, we value your business and trust we will always provide you with the same great service.